About GPAR

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What is GPAR?

The Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS® (GPAR) is a membership organization whose purpose is to provide education, information, and legislative monitoring for licensed real estate professionals and related service providers in the Greater Philadelphia area. Founded in 1908 as the Philadelphia Real Estate Brokers Association, GPAR has grown to become the most influential professional real estate association in Philadelphia.

The Association has always been an advocate of private property owners, as well as an ardent crusader against government spending and unnecessary real estate tax increases. A real estate license law, drafted by the Board and passed by the Pennsylvania legislature in 1929, became a model for similar laws adopted in other states.In 1995, PBR became the Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS® to reflect the growing scope of its members and services. GPAR continues to be a unifying force for its members, and is still active in such issues as the anti-graffiti effort and real estate tax assessment.

In April 2000, GPAR succeeded in its legislative attempts promoting the constitutional right to hang “SOLD” signs in Philadelphia. That same year, ten-year real estate tax abatements for new residential construction, home improvements and commercial, industrial and deteriorated properties were reached legislatively. The Association also supported legislation written by the Philadelphia City Controller's Office examining the implementation of a Land Value Tax. It is strongly believed that this form of taxation can eliminate onerous taxes such as the wage tax, real estate tax, business privilege taxes, etc. In 2002 GPAR was instrumental in a major campaign to lower the city wage tax and successfully lobbied Philadelphia City Council resulting in a 16-0 unanimous decision to pass the legislation.

GPAR has formed strong relationships with many city agencies in its attempt to promote and advocate private property rights and homeownership in Philadelphia. We also work to give back to the community and provide oversight by holding ethics hearings in response to consumer complaints.