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Arbitration Form

In the event of contractual disputes or specific non-contractual disputes as defined in the Standard of Practice 17-4 between REALTORS® (principals) associated with different firms arising out of their relationship as REALTORS®, the REALTORS® shall submit the dispute to arbitration in accordance with the regulations of their Association rather than litigate the matter in court.

In the event clients of REALTORS® wish to arbitrate contractual disputes arising out of real estate transactions, REALTORS® shall arbitrate those disputes in accordance with the regulations of their Association, provided the clients agree to be bound by the decision.

The obligation to participate in arbitration  includes the obligation of REALTORS® (principals) to cause their firms to arbitrate and be bound by any award.

Listed below are the documents needed to file for arbitration:

  1. General Instructions for Filing and Replying to Arbitration Requests
  2. Code of Ethics
  3. Procuring Cause
  4. Request and Agreement to Arbitrate

On the first page of the Request and Agreement to Arbitrate, please list the Broker of Record that you wish to enter into arbitration with, the manager of the office, the agent's name and the firm's address.On line #4, please state the amount of money that will be arbitrated. Complete the second page with your company's Broker of Record and any other party involved named as Complainants.The Broker of Record must sign and date the form. Please attach any supporting documentation relative to your request.

Return the completed form to this Association with a check in the amount of $350.00, made payable to GPAR. The fee will be returned to the prevailing party.

After your request is received, the Grievance Committee will determine whether or not it warrants a hearing and you will be promptly notified.