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Ethics Complaint Form

The Members of the Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS® are obligated to abide by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REATLORS®.

If you feel there is an alleged violation of the code, you may file an Ethics Complaint. If after the grievance and hearing process a violation is determined, there will be certain sanctions entered against the member that range from requirements to attend classes to fines paid to this Association.  We are not able to award any monetary damages to the Complainant.  We cannot take away a real estate license.

You will need to print the following items:

  1. General Instructions and Information for Filing and Replying to Ethics Complaint
  2. Preparing for an Ethics Hearing 
  3. Code of Ethics
  4. Ethics Complaint Form
  5. Article Specific Complaint Form

Please read all material carefully.  In filing an ethics complaint, the complaint must read as an alleged violation of one or more Articles of the Code.  For each alleged violation of an Article, a separate Article Specific Complaint Form must be completed.  Standards of Practice may only be used in support of an Article you cite.You also need to include copies of any pertinent documentation such as, Listing Agreements and Agreements of Sale, etc.

Type or print your complaint on the proper forms and return the package to my attention.

Upon receipt of your complaint, the Grievance Committee will review it and determine if it should be forwarded to a hearing.  Please be aware, if that occurs, your presence will be required at the hearing.