What is RPAC? 

RPAC stands for Realtor Political Action Committee. RPAC was created in 1969 and raises funds voluntarily from members of GPAR and other REALTORS® association for use in issues, campaigns and contributions to political candidates at federal, state and local levels. The goal of RPAC is to establish the real estate industry as a concerned and involved constituency that gives active support to political candidates who recognize the needs of REALTORS® and property owners.

RPAC is bi-partisan in its selection of candidates. The program and platform of each individual candidate, rather than a party label, determines whom RPAC supports. RPAC dollars increase the visibility of the real estate industry. By joining forces with REALTORS® across the country, you create a powerful force to educate local, state, and federal elected officials about the issues that matter most to you.

What are the advantages of RPAC to a REALTOR®?

  • Increases your political impact ‐ RPAC significantly increases the impact of your personal political dollars in a candidate’s campaign because you pull your contribution with the thousands of other REALTORS®.
  • Sends a message ‐ When your contribution is made through RPAC, candidates cannot misunderstand the issues that are important to you and your profession.
  • Gives you a national impact ‐ Many citizens believe they should support and try to influence just their own lawmakers. Yet, in the House of Representatives, there are 434 other members whose votes count on your issues just as much as the one vote cast by your own representative.