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If you are a licensed agent or a real estate professional doing work in the Philadelphia area, please consider joining the Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS®. Our association is comprised of more than 3,200 hard‐working members throughout the region. GPAR has served as the Voice of Real Estate in Philadelphia since 1908. We work to elevate and protect the professionalism in our industry, provide tools and resources for success, and advocate for the rights of private property owners. Have questions about membership? Please email Donna LePera at or call 215-423-9381.


Click here for GPAR REALTOR® Membership Application Form

GPAR has Three Types of REALTOR® Membership

Primary REALTOR® Membership

Responsible to pay National, State and Local dues to GPAR in order to hold Primary membership. The Designated REALTOR® of the firm must hold membership (either Primary or Secondary) for his/her licensees to be eligible for Primary membership with GPAR.

Secondary REALTOR® Membership

Must hold Primary membership in another REALTOR® Association who collected National, State and Local dues and be able to provide confirmation of being a member in good standing of your Primary Association. Responsible to pay the GPAR local portion of dues. The Designated REALTOR® is not required to be a member for licensees to hold Secondary membership with GPAR.

REALTOR® Emeritus Member

REALTOR® Emeritus is an honor bestowed upon the individual who has held membership with the National Association of REALTORS® for a period of forty (40) cumulative years. Emeritus must also have committee participation of the National Association of REALTORS® and is subject to approval by the NAR Board of Directors. Once approved, REALTOR® Emeritus has local, state and national dues waived for the remainder of their membership, provided they continue to fulfill all licensing requirements and their license remains in a GPAR member office.

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An Affiliate membership is offered to those individuals who are not actively engaged in the lease or sale of real property, but who work in a real-estate related field such as mortgage, title insurance, roofing extermination, etc. or any other provider to the real estate industry. Becoming an Affiliate member provides an opportunity to market your services to REALTOR® members of the Association.

Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS® Primary Membership dues are paid annually and include dues for the National Association of REALTORS®, the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS® and the Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS®. Full payment may be accepted in the form of credit card or check payable to the Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS®. Click here for the current Primary Membership Fee Schedule.