Realtor Membership


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GPAR has Three Types of REALTOR® Membership

Primary REALTOR® Membership

Responsible to pay National, State and Local dues to GPAR in order to hold Primary membership. The Designated REALTOR® of the firm must hold membership (either Primary or Secondary) for his/her licensees to be eligible for Primary membership with GPAR.

Secondary REALTOR® Membership

Must hold Primary membership in another REALTOR® Association who collected National, State and Local dues and be able to provide confirmation of being a member in good standing of your Primary Association. Responsible to pay the GPAR local portion of dues. The Designated REALTOR® is not required to be a member for licensees to hold Secondary membership with GPAR.

REALTOR® Emeritus Member

REALTOR® Emeritus is an honor bestowed upon the individual who has held membership with the National Association of REALTORS® for a period of forty (40) cumulative years. Emeritus must also have committee participation of the National Association of REALTORS® and is subject to approval by the NAR Board of Directors. Once approved, REALTOR® Emeritus has local, state and national dues waived for the remainder of their membership, provided they continue to fulfill all licensing requirements and their license remains in a GPAR member office.