REALTOR® Emeritus

Certified REALTOR® Emeritus members do not pay dues to the Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS®, the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® or the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and are exempt from the Ethics Training requirement. The dues waiver does not take effect until the following year.

A REALTOR® Member who has held membership in the National Association as a REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, or both, for a cumulative period of 40 years is eligible for REALTOR® Emeritus status. Additionally, applications submitted through 2019 will require proof of one year of service at the local, state, or National Association level. “Service” is defined as serving as an officer, director, committee member, federal political coordinator, President’s liaison or regional coordinator to a country with which NAR holds a reciprocal agreement. Applications submitted in 2020 and beyond will require proof of one year of service at the National Association level.

Please contact GPAR’s Donna LePera at 215-423-9381 or email her at for deadline and application information.